Previously the trust was accessed through an adviser using the site for quoting and storage of policies, it is now no longer linked to policies. The trust is entirely online, the first of its kind, and is not insurer specific.

Lee Watson, managing director of Group Risk Connect, said: “In order to assist the advisor navigate a highly technical aspect of providing Group Life consultancy, Group Risk Connect and Pitmans Trustees Limited believe they have established the first on-line portable Group Life Master Trust.

“No forms and signatures are required by the client and the advisor doesn’t need to worry about a trustee bank account, authorised signatories, legislative changes, transferring cover to another insurer, reportable events, keeping documentation, perennial comprehensive compliance audits, training and development etc.”

“The GLMT registration process can be completed quickly in advance of policy establishment.”

Commenting Richard Butcher, Managing Director of PTL, said “Death claims have to be dealt with correctly and can often be complex and emotional. In these circumstances it’s easy for things to go wrong. The master trust protects lay trustees, employers and advisors from a significant risk of complaint or even litigation”.