The independent software program ensures group risk quotes are requested through a standardised method, ensuring against shortfalls in data, cover and admissions.

Quotes are returned direct to the intermediary from insurer to avoid any compromise of the intermediary’s relationship.

Lee Watson, director of GR Connect, designers of the software, said: “The purpose of this software is to standardise data, Often data supplied to insurers is wrong or incomplete. What this does is funnel that data into a correct format and includes a validation element to ensure that that it is all present and correct.”

“In essence as far as the insurers are concerned they treat me like another intermediary giving them business albeit one that always supplies quote data correctly.”

Group Risk Connect will send quote requests to all available insurers and insurers themselves can screen the quote data to avoid business they will not accept.

The software will securely store data, so over time requotes and renewals will build up a scheme history, while giving advice on avoiding common pitfalls when building schemes.

Watson added: “The system also allows advisers to record clients’ strategies for claim mitigation. A lot of this normally gets missed out on quotes.”

In addition to quotes and administration GR Connect has partnered with firms offering free introductory services through the programme.

Company Health Europe will offer occupational health telephone support, Energiseyou offers companies a health audit, Pitmans Trustees offers a master trust and Thomas offers psychometric profiling.